Corporate restructuring

Corporate Restructuring

Our corporate restructuring services are centred on unlocking liquidity and value, stabilizing business operations, and restoring key relationships with creditors and suppliers while implementing an effective restructuring strategy.

We appreciate that financial and operational challenges triggered by both endogenous and exogenous economic factors are adversely impacting business viability. In the midst of challenges, Corporate Excellence excels in identifying and implementing the best strategies to preserve value for a troubled business while simultaneously addressing the interests of shareholders and creditors.

We understand the intricacies and sensitivities involved in corporate restructurings from conception with shareholders through to engagement with creditors, suppliers and employees. To us corporate failure and liquidation filing is a last resort. It is therefore our resolve to always formulate the best pre-bankruptcy strategy leveraging our experience in various financial areas, which allow us to promptly diagnose challenges and recognize solutions to the most complicated situations, such as reorganization, capital restructuring, workouts, recoveries, unbundling etc.