About us



Corporate Excellence is a financial advisory services firm established in January 2000. The firm operates as a partnership and is led by a team of seasoned Chartered Accountants who are also Registered Public Accountants in terms of the Public Accountants and Auditors Board Act of 1996. Our firm provides specialist financial advisory services to local and foreign, listed and non-listed companies and business institutions.

We continue to be a major player in the capital markets having led major transactions on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). We have gained recognition as a preferred provider of advisory services, and boast of a skills base second to none in our market.



To facilitate the transformation of the Zimbabwean, regional and African capital markets towards world-class standards through excellence in bridging investment and investor needs.



To be the preferred provider of corporate advisory and investment skills at all levels of business in our chosen areas of operation. 


Core Values:  

Excellence and Integrity 


Motivating line:     

 'Passion for business excellence"


Service Offering

CorporateExcellence’s formula of success is a proven one, embodied in the creation of a critical mass of skilled professionals who provide a specialized range of services in the following areas: 

  corporate finance and advisory services –this includes: 

             bull.png  capital raising: - equity, quasi-equity and debt structuring;

             bull.png  private placements;

             bull.png  business valuations;

             bull.png  due diligence reviews;

             bull.png  mergers, acquisitions and disposals including, leveraged buyouts;

             bull.png  provision of investment advice including advice on the legislative, business, tax and regulatory regimes to both local and external                                    investors. 

  tax advisory services; 

  corporate turnarounds/restructuring/unbundling; 

  private equity fund management; and 

  financial dispute resolution.


Our Experience 

Our experience and achievements in financial advisory are crucial to the understanding of our ability to deal with any and all aspects of any corporate advisory assignment. We believe as CorporateExcellence, we have the skills and experience to provide objective and independent advice throughout the whole process of rendering financial advisory services, for the benefit of all stakeholders. 


Why Corporate Excellence as your financial advisor? 

In addition to our credentials, the following makes us Financial Advisors of choice:

  Independent stand-alone financial advisory services firm enabling us to render impartial advice with no conflict of interest;

  In-depth knowledge of the capital markets;

  Established links and working relationships with different types of investors, including local and international  financial institutions;

  Close working relationships with regulatory bodies;

  Extensive and specialist corporate and debt recovery experience; and

  Professionals with extensive corporate finance and advisory backgrounds.